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Raising the standards for a safer, healthier environment.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Environmental Investigations &
Air Monitoring 

EcoSafe has extensive experience with indoor air quality investigations and testing. We specialize in testing for hazardous materials, including asbestos  lead-based paint, and mold contamination, in residential and commercial buildings; including healthy home & building assessments to identify concerns both inside and outside. EcoSafe understands the importance of responding quickly to our clients when indoor air quality problems arise. We can typically be on site to investigate your IAQ issue within 24-hours of a service request.

Female Scientist Using Microscope
PCM Analysis

EcoSafe's Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) Laboratory is equipped to handle same-day, quick turn around; as well as on-site analysis. We analyze samples for the presence of airborne fibers pursuant to the strict requirements of the NIOSH 7400 Method. Our analytical staff, have been trained and certified under the NIOSH 582 asbestos fiber counting program, and have received training in field sampling and air sampling procedures.  Reporting is available same day if requested. We go above and beyond to make your indoor environment SAFE!

Electrical Inspectors
Consulting & Oversight

EcoSafe provides trained and certified professionals for consulting and project oversight, before, during, and after the abatement & remediation process. Owners need to be assured that their hazardous materials removal contractor is following applicable rules and regulations throughout the course of the hazardous materials abatement project. EcoSafe functions as an independent, third-party representative of the owner for liability minimization, assurance of work practices, cost containment, and regulatory agency interface. 

Additionally, we specialize in healing sick buildings–consulting for mold illness related concerns, & beyond.


About Us

Welcome to EcoSafe, where our dedication to air quality is more than just a mission—it's a commitment deeply rooted in our values and expertise that sets us apart.

Our Foundation: A Vision for Change

Our team of passionate environmentalists is driven by a collective vision to redefine the standards of air quality management. This is the essence of EcoSafe. Founded by Sarah Scherr, our Owner, President, and a seasoned environmental scientist and industrial hygenist, our journey began with a clear purpose: to create healthier living and working environments for our community.

Our Methodology: Precision and Care

At EcoSafe, we blend rigorous scientific methodologies with a personalized touch. Our comprehensive approach to environmental testing and consulting ensures that no detail is overlooked. From meticulous air quality assessments to in-depth mold inspections, our team is dedicated to delivering accurate results and actionable solutions, tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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